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new_wonderland's Journal

Through the Looking Glass
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A community for fans of SyFy's Alice
This is a community for fans of SyFy's miniseries, Alice. Right now, anything related to the series is accepted - discussion, icons, fanworks.

Make sure you READ THE RULES before posting!

The General ‘Do and Do Not’ List

1. Respect fellow comm members. This means NO FLAMING. Anyone breaking this rule will receive ONE warning. Future transgressions will result in being banned. If you feel you are being flamed or disrespected, please contact one of the mods.

2. All posts must be related to SyFy’s miniseries Alice. We accept fanfic, fanart, icons, meta… as long as it’s about Alice, we accept it.

3. Communities relating directly to Alice can be advertised here. This includes RPGs. However, the RPG must be solely about Alice and its characters. Any indirectly related comm, or RPG that simply allows Alice characters within a larger gaming universe, can be advertised as a comment at this post.

4. All ships are welcome! (Please refer back to rule number one.)

5. All fanworks rated R or above must be locked to the comm.

6. No plagiarizing. This will result in automatic banning.

7. Try not to spam the community. If you have multiple chapters of a fic to post, either wait a day between chapters or link to them in one post. If you post the same thing twice, a mod will delete one of them. As for discussions, please check to make sure your question hasn’t already been discussed.

8. Have fun!

9. If you would like to be affiliated with new_wonderland, comment on this post.

10. Is there a tag you think we need? Say so at the tag suggestion post!

11a. Every week, we will be hosting a White Rabbit Wednesday prompt post. In this post, members can offer up any plot bunnies that they can no longer handle or would like to see used. The prompts can be for fic, art, vids, meta – anything! The hope is that this stirs up creativity in the comm without flooding the comm with one-line request posts. Responses can be posted in the comments themselves, or posted to the comm in general.

11b. Because we have White Rabbit Wednesdays, there will be no posting of prompts/requests to the community at large. We do, however, allow for fic/art/icon searches. This issue may be revisited if such posts become too many.

12. Every Saturday, we will post the New Wonderland Weekly Wave. This is a newsletter of important happenings in the Alice fandom and at the comm. We will include discussions of the week, a link to the advert post, and anything else of note. If you run a comm and would like something advertised (for example, a challenge you are running), please drop us a note!

13. Every few days, the mods will update the Memories section. Fanworks will be organized by author/artist for those searching for a particular person. If you change your username and would like to have your previous posts reflect this, make sure you inform the mods so that we can change the appropriate memories.

The ‘How to Post’ List

14a. Fanfic and fanart (excluding icons) must be provided with an appropriate header. Include information such as: title, rating, pairing/characters, and warnings. For more information, see the Tags and Headers post.

14b. Use common sense – if you even think it needs a warning, put it on there. Better safe than sorry.

15. Please TAG YOUR ENTRY. This makes navigating a whole lot easier, and gives people more of an idea what is in your post. For a list of tags and how to use them, please read this post.

16a. Any work more than 100 words must be placed behind an lj-cut. If you don’t know how to do a cut, visit this page. Still unsure? Contact a mod. We’re here to help.

16b. Any banner or image displayed outside of an lj-cut must be a maximum size of 350x250. All other images must be behind a cut. This keeps f-lists from becoming cluttered, and makes sure the image doesn’t mess with our pretty layout.

16c. An icon post can have up to three (3) preview icons outside of the cut.

17. Use the Subject Line when making a post. This makes it easier for people to navigate the comm, the memories section, and the archives. Include the type of fanwork, the title, and the rating. For example: FIC: Turn Around (G), or VID: Poker Face (PG-13). If the post is a question or discussion, a brief description of the topic will do.

18. For the sake of the readers, please link to your previous chapters. They shouldn’t have to search through the entire comm to find the first chapter of a twenty chapter WiP.


20. Can’t stress it enough: Have fun!

This page will be edited, as needed.

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